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I am dedicated to helping father's create an empowered and intentional life of happiness.

Husbands and Fathers have been given a bad rap. They are made to look dumb, selfish, with zero abilities through media and our culture. I have felt the effects of this and started thinking that I wasn't capable, there wasn't a place for me in my family, and especially that I wasn't needed. In so doing, I BECAME this person that wasn't needed or even wanted. I knew I needed to make some big shifts and changes in MYSELF to become the husband and father I've always wanted to become. Because of this, I am passionate about empowering fathers - giving them the strategies and tools they need to become the strong men that is already within them.  

Your wife needs you. Your children need you. That is the truth. Only you have to give what they need and you will give it to them as you become better and stronger each day in small and simple, but profound ways.

The truth is also that you need them too. They give you motivation to keep improving, they fulfill you, they bring purpose to your life in a way that nothing else can and most of all - they bring you happiness and joy that nothing else in this world can give you. Are you ready to join me and journey together to create a new concept of fatherhood? Fathers who are powerful influences for goodness. Fathers who bring security through unconditional love. Fathers who make their homes holy because of the sacrifice they make in the name of pure love. 


The gospel of Jesus Christ, writing music on my guitar, & connecting with others

Meet my Family


4 daughters, 2 sons, 1 mom, 1 dad, and 2 dogs. Our home is seldom quiet, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

We have been homeschooling our children for the last 11 years and we love it! We are so grateful to customize each child's education to perfectly suit their needs, ability, and interests. While it can be crazy at times, we wouldn't trade it for all the world. We love the time we get to spend together and the flexibility in our schedules to stay connected bring more intentional purpose into our lives. 

LOVES: homemade bread, playing games, pickleball, soccer, music, singing, dancing, GARDening, books


& why not?

IF you really must KNOW


My guitar is my third arm


In my past life I might have been a dog whisperer


I was born in Ecuador -     accent included


I dream about tres leches cake

I'm All about

music, creating, backpacking, burgers, dreaming, recording, spending time with my wife, tech gear, fixing things, playing with my kids, and finding deals. 


the infinite love of God and His Son, the goodness in people, hard work, making memories, hope, building relationships, fresh starts and new beginnings, making meaningful connections, and the power of intention.


let's work together

empower yourself with the tools you need 

Working with me one on one can make the biggest impact in jump starting to the next level. Are you ready to level up?


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I'm constantly loading videos here to help you continue on your journey. This isn't a one and done - it's an incredible journey.

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